Santosha Kombucha micro brew

When I realized that I was deadly allergic to alcohol and it’s effects on my body

mind, I grieved, because I loved the  dry tart effervescent texture and taste of good wine and champagne.

As well as the pro biotic effects it had on my digestion.

In walks Kombucha, a symbiotic effervescent synergistic colony of pro biotic yeasts and bacteria without the production of alcohol to speak of. Jackpot!

Tasting what was on the market at that time in 2005, home brewing was the better choice. Remembering the early 80’s, when Kombucha entered my life first, at my friend Eleonora’s house in Mill Valley, the brewing methods came back quickly….dark warm still space, glass container and sugar and tea.

It worked!

We now brew 1 liter bottles of finest, effervescent Kombucha in stellar flavors.

Some sweet and punchy.

1 liter bottles of Santosha Kombucha brew

effervescent & pro biotic


Some dry and noble.

With names fitting the styles:

Amber – Rose, Green Tea – Champagne, Cranberry – Ginger, Pomegranate – Lime, Strawberry – Kiwi…to name a few.

The production began under the 23Monkeytree  logo, the business I started with my friend Tom Franco in 2008.

We now sell our “Santosha” Kombucha brew privately to friends at the Underground Farmer’s Market in San Francisco and East bay, at our art gallery in the Gourmet Ghetto in North Berkeley, and the small retail space in the Oakland Art Corridor on San Pablo Avenue.

Santosha is the Sanskrit word for contentment without wealth or prestige, experienced naturally, when life is in a healthy balance.

We thought it a fitting name.

What are your thoughts?